Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On one liners and moola

          First off, allow me to observe that becoming a nation greatly improves one's credit.  These last few days slash weeks have all blended together into a coagulating viscous blur of repetition, though they have been quite entertaining in entirety. My never ending job hunt has developed some interesting leads, and all one can hope is that they pan out. Past that, it's just one raucous evening to the next boring one. Sometimes I wish more would come out of the input I've exerted trying to get things to work out a certain way, but just when it looks like it's all starting to come together at last, a new variable is introduced of external origin and I just have to 'deal with it'.  It's funny isn't it? I've heard it said that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, but this certainly is ridiculous. 
         On another note, I strongly advise any and all my readers to stay away from the judicial systems of the state and federal governing bodies. These days are not the most honest when it comes to proceedings of such institutions. I myself am being brought to a hearing for a debt paid off with my own blood sweat and tears years ago. The fools are not only incompetent at filing paperwork correctly, but worse at looking in their own files to see that the debt was collected from my tax return as well. Don't you just love America's justice system? 
          If I may venture forth an opinion, there is a storm brewing in our beloved land. Whether I speak with strangers on the street, people I meet on the bus, or the random delusional hobo who claims to have invented cement, every single one of them can feel it. Something is coming. The question in my mind is, what exactly is coming? Social reform in the form of liberal radicalism, an unprecedented uprising of the proletariat against the bourgeois leadership of the government-controlled capitalist state we live in (that's also referred to as fascism by the way)?  Could it be the apocalyptic, ever worried about fear of nuclear war?  No one is quite sure, not even the people in power right now. That's the beauty of it. Though everything is already going on around us, we can still do anything we want.
         I'm not going to claim any supernatural powers. I see now, however how perfectly integrated everything is with everything else. Things I do today will affect untold numbers of people.  The ripples we create never stop. And yet, at the same time, there is perfect individuality in everything. We are always free to create, to change, to extrapolate, to advance, and to literally do anything we set our minds to. Through unity, oneness. Through oneness, unity. A rather simple and yet beautiful paradox, don't you think? 


  1. Wow. If you spoke with the same eloquence with which you right people would know exactly how intelligent you are. What a well-kept secret you have there.

  2. ....it's funny because Trevor spelled the word 'write' incorrectly.

  3. Trevor never mentioned spelling correctly...just righting.