Wednesday, March 30, 2011


           I feel like I should have some sort of intro or something. Anyhow, this is the first post of a blog I am starting at the casual opinions of my comrades, so let's hope for the best, eh? This is an interesting time in my life, and not just for me, the one living it. It's a type of funk that hangs in the air like crows over a battlefield.
         This, my friends, is the present. I have about a million problems that I have absolutely NO idea how to solve whatsoever looming over me as though it were some threatening feral homunculus bent on my harm. And yet, through all the bull shit, I have a rare and prized tool: I'm not worried. I feel a strange type of peace as I walk amidst the happenings of my days, totally unaffected by the little negative things. I guess when a fella's got nothing left to lose, that's when he starts to free himself from the necessities we've impressed on ourselves, and subsequently loses his fear of this monstrous leviathan of a system, spanning the length and breadth of the land, with hands as tiny as camera buttons or as tremendous as nuclear weapons.  I guess you kind of find out just what the hell you're really made of.
      But I try not to worry too much about wondering what I'm made of. I already know. The only things that worry me have worried countless people who have gone before me: 'Is it going to rain tomorrow?', 'I gotta buy dinner at some point', and of course, 'I need to get laid'. If all any of us has to be grateful for is the little things, then the big things don't seem so worth it. It seems as though everyone I've ever spoken to desperately wished they could be a child again, and I know a reason why: We all would have cherished it more for what it was, knowing that the world we live in can be a very cruel place, a place that does not accept losing, compromise, and even these days, honesty itself.
       I don't profess to know the answer to everything. I just know that all of us can take a hard look at ourselves and perhaps change some little thing for the better. Maybe it's all a fluke, and nothing matters more than survival of the vicious. But if one person changes themself for the better and decides to look for the good things life has, over the bad, then I say it is a good start.

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