Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Food For Thought

           Life is full of many little steps. Steps which may take us to places we'd never thought we'd go, places we never wanted to go, and places we've never even dreamed we'd go. It is never an easy process, nor is it ever quick. It can take every last ounce of will, soul, and internal energy we think we have left. Sometimes it does.
            But when that moment arrives, and your steps finally lead you to a place that you want to be, a place that charges you, makes you feel happy; a place that you belong, you'll be willing to place all of your faith in those footsteps forever, just to see where you'll end up.
            That, my friends, is what this life is really all about. If there is anything that I hold to in my heart with all my being, it is this. It may not be a large lesson, it may not be earth-shattering in its composition, nature, or appeal, but it is from the heart, and that is all that matters. Perhaps it is just another little step ;)